Trotting off the turkey!

It is easy to lose self control when it comes to your eating during the holiday season, but it is important to remember that the holiday season won’t last forever. Over indulging, the stress of shopping and making sure everything is in order for the holidays can lead to unwanted weight gain and more unnecessary stress. If you plan to pig out over the holidays you should prep your body in advance. Having a set workout routine already going into the holiday season will make breaking that routine much harder than not having one. Even working out for a short period of time while on break will lower the chances of you packing on those extra pounds from the mass amount of food that you will consume. Having a plan and sticking to it will ensure that you eat good, and workout even better. Try these on for size…

Eating smaller portion sizes. You don’t have to have a full plate of everything grandma made this break. Getting smaller portion sizes can still leave you feeling satisfied without the feeling of being overstuffed and tired. Bigger is not always better in this situation!

Working out before or after your meals! I know the last thing one wants to do is think about working out, but you’ll be thanking yourself once spring comes along…and it WILL be here before you know it!

Not snacking so much… We’re all tempted to go and get an extra piece of pie or pick from the candy jar throughout the day, but removing that from your everyday routine can really be beneficial to you. I’m not saying you can’t have a piece of cake, but a piece of cake every hour, everyday, may be a little excessive. If you do find yourself snacking more than others, try substituting unhealthy snacks for a healthy alternative. Carrots, apples or any type of fruit works well, nuts, crackers or something light will usually hold you over until you can have a larger meal.

You don’t have to starve yourself during break just to maintain a healthy weight. But being conscious of your weight and eating habits will help you try keeping that under control. If you are committed to your workout routine and are on top of your weight and eating then managing your holiday weight will be a breeze. Its all about balance and understanding. If you have that, you’l be in good shape!

Happy Holidays! 🙂


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