Founders of Benedictine

Benedictine University is based on the beliefs and work of the monks from St. Procopius Abbey. The monks based their beliefs and work on St. Benedict Rule for Monks, which was written in the sixth century. If it wasn’t for the monks, Benedictine wouldn’t be here today. The monks founded Benedictine in 1887, and since then the University has only prospered.

For people of the Catholic religion there is daily Catholic mass Monday through Fridays, at noon in the Chapel, and there is also Sunday mass at 8 P.M. Mass now also takes place in all of the residence halls. So if you do not have time to go during the week or on Sunday, then you can go to mass in your lounge and go to mass.

Since there are other religions we have other masses and prayers. There is Hindu Prayer, Aarti, on Thursdays at 1:30 P.M., and there is also Muslim Friday Prayer at 1:30 P.M. Benedictine is full of many different and diverse people and religions, which makes us so unique. Whether you have a religion or not, we are all still family here at Benedictine.


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