Christmas cookies!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look cookies or chirstmas cookies in general! there a fun thing to do to pass the time or to bond with friends and family. These are just a few of the most common but most delicious cookies-
1-Candy cane cookie-
a delicious sugar cookie that uses food coloring dye to make it look like a candy cane when twisted!
who doesn’t love gingerbread a nice and easy cookie but something you can personalize with your own personal touch!
3-sugar cookies
a simple cookie but something you can go crazy ion with sprinkles and other cute edible items!
rich cinnamon-sugar cookies are great for the holidays or anytime you want a tasty cinnamon treat!
5-chocolate chip cookies, but make them into a tree!!!
6-hersey kisses cookie!
my personal favorite and something that is delicious but easy to make!
7-chocolate dipped toffee bits!
something i found on Hersey’ and it sounds amazing but also only a few directions to it!!
8-white chocolate macadamia nut-
easy to make and don’t involve a lot of ingredients!
9-Classic shortbread
a simple cookie that all people will like, but also can drizzle chocolate or fruit to make it better!
I also know that a lot of people are gluten so i also have a few cookies that fit that to!!
Gluten free gingerbread men!
gluten free cut out lemon sugar cookies!
adorable but easy!
gluten free cashew butter cookies!
gluten free chocolate peppermint wafer cookie!
looks delicious and not difficult to make!
gluten free chocolate marshmallow pillows!
these look sooo good!!!

These are just a few tasty treats you can make around christmas time to enjoy time with family and friends!!
Happy Holidays everyone!!


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