Some Study techniques!

Although study techniques are highly overrated they are quite helpful. Everyone has their own little techniques that help them remember better for the exam. These techniques are what will get you through college. One of the most important facts to consider before talking about study techniques is getting enough sleep. Although you must have heard it a million times already it is relatively more important than any study technique. A good night sleep of 6-7 hours will help you stay focused in class and be attentive. More importantly you will be less likely to remember stuff if you pull an all nighter. Also I have friends who tell me how taking naps after their classes actually help them remember what they learned. So naps are good!. Next for actual study techniques, USE NOTE CARDS. It is the best way to take notes and gives you the benefit of quizzing your self like when you are waiting at Coalben for your food. Find friends to study with so you can get help outside of class. Also you can master a concept by trying to explain it to others. If note cards are not your thing, then try color coding your notes in your notebooks. that helps with open note quizzes and also you wont miss any important topics. Finally, take breaks. Really there is nothing wrong with taking breaks. With all the stress to finish all your work, breaks will help with concentration. study in advance. Cramming does not help and will most likely lead you to a D if not an F. So take some time out of your daily life maybe an hour to go over your material to avoid last minutes stress.


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