College christmas list

Most college students want money for christmas or visa gift cards but there are other things you can ask for that isn’t just money but also vary from affordable to pricey, and I mean who doesn’t love opening up gifts on christmas!
gifts cards for restaurants- easy way to treat yourself during the week or after a long day of studying.
grocery store- affordable way to buy snacks for your dorm without using your own cash!
Target- who doesn’t love a gift card to target
nail salon- easy relaxing gift for all girls and even males who could get a pedicure
Netflix membership- if you don’t have one I would defiantly ask for one because this is what most college kids love which is Netflix!
lounge clothes- comfortable and all college students love lounge clothes
winter boots- you need warm shoes for campus and always a good accessory
video games- for all the guys this is there life
i pad or tablet- even though pricey always good for class and very portable and hand friendly
for commuters- ask for a pet, one that fits your household of course.
new lap top- I know as a freshman a lot of my friends asked for a new lap top,like a mac book!
book store gift cards- helps save money for us college kids buying our books
gas gift cards- are also a great gift for commuters or on campus students with a car
these are just a few cute ideas for all college students instead of the usual envelope of cash!


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