Don’t Panic

You’re in college now which means the workload has reached an all time high. One minute you are planning a girl’s night out with your best friend or your favorite team is playing against their archrival and the next minute you realize your essay is due before midnight. And you, the great student that you are, have not even bothered to start on it. But it’s okay, don’t panic. It is not the end of the world no matter how bad it may look. Your best bet is to lose the T.V. and cell phone and start on that paper before it’s too late.

Deadlines come a lot faster than they might appear. You may think you have enough time before the deadline comes but then you are struggling to finish just seconds before the time comes. It’s wise to use your time while you still have it. If your math equations are not due three days from the day it was assigned, why not start on it and get it out of the way so you don’t stress about it later. Getting things done will eventually benefit you in the long run. If you finish your homework ahead of time, you have more opportunities to do other things of your choice.

Finishing your homework and handling other duties are just one of many responsibilities of being a college student. It may seem rough and homework might not be as enticing as the next big game. But it is important that you now what your priorities are and then there won’t be any need to panic.

Jazmin says, “Stay in school.”


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