Layers, Layers and more LAYERS!!

With all this cold weather approaching….well its here at this point, one has to start bringing out more clothing and what better way to stay warm than layering your clothes! Putting on multiple layers is a great way to stay warm and also add depth to your outfit. Layering can be very basic or go to the extreme. Most times you will see a jacket or sweater with a scarf over it. For those who are daring, you can go for a long sleeve thermal and layer a bomber vest, with or without a hood and a light scarf.

For Girls:

For girls layering can be done in many ways. Vest, scarves and multiple shirts all compliment ones style when paired correctly. Cardigans and sweaters are a great way to add warmth and style to ones look. Putting a cardigan over a graphic T and skinny jeans with boots make for the perfect cold weather attire. Whatever look you decide to do, adding a scarf ALWAYS spices up any look!

For Guys:

Guys can benefit from layering as well. Just as with girls, guys can pull off the vest look! Wearing a long sleeve t-shit or a sweater makes for warmth without all of the bulk of a full winter coat. Cardigans, scarves and boots are all winter essentials for guys, and girls. For guys having the ability to be mobile and feel stuffed is pretty important, so try finding layered clothing that isn’t bulky or will limit your mobility.

Keeping warm these winter months will be a lot easier if you know how to add layers to your everyday wardrobe. You don’t have to be a fashion expert in order to put together a comfortable and warm layered outfit. Starting off small and adding more little by little will allow you to become more comfortable with layers and you will become more daring and willing to try new combinations.  All you have to do is try, and remember that layers are your friend this winter! 🙂


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