Decorating Your Dorm for Christmas

Here I am with another blog about the holidays :). Can you tell I’m obsessed?  This time I wanted to spread the word about how to bring the holiday season into your dorm room.  If you’re a resident, you are still living on campus for a good chunk of the holiday season. This is why it’s important to add a few touches to it so it feels like Christmas even when your freaking out studying.

The number 1 way to decorate your dorm for Christmas is to hang Christmas lights. This is the best because you can use them year-round. Mine have been up since I got to school. You can hang them traditionally or put them in a fun Christmas tree pattern. I recommend using Command hooks so they stay up because nothing is scarier then hearing them fall in the middle of the night.

Wall tree made out of lights.

If your feeling crafty, make paper snowflakes! You can stick them on your walls or hang them with string from your ceiling (hanging them looks the best). This way you don’t have to go out in the cold to get the winter effect. All you need is paper, scissors, string, and some tape 🙂 Here’s a link below on how to make them.

A mini Christmas tree is a very nice investment for your room. You can even find them small enough to fit on your desk. I have a mini pink one that basically fits anywhere. You can find them cheap at Wal-Mart or you can find a fancier one at Barnes & Noble that comes with its own ornaments.

There are all types of garland you can get for cheap to hang in your room. You can even make your own garland with string and a few cut-outs. You can even go pine cone collecting and make the garland  out of spray-painted ( if your feeling ambitious) pine cones! You can also find old ornaments your family isn’t using for the tree and hang them from string to make another type of garland.

If you want your room to get a little more cozy, you can also hang some mistletoe in your room ;). If you definitely want to get cozy, cover your entire ceiling in mistletoe (just kidding, that’s a little creepy).

Even if you don’t want to do any of these things, you can also bring holiday cheer to your room by simply playing a little Christmas music. Nobody is saying you have to be super festive, but it’s always better not to be a grinch and participate in the holiday fun 🙂


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