Surviving the Winter Insanity

Hey Everyone,

As the seasons are changing and the leaves are falling, the stress begins building from all of the tests, papers, and projects that our teachers give us in the last month of classes. As if finals weren’t enough stress! A good way to decrease the stress is to plan out everything so that you make sure you give each task enough attention to properly prepare and complete everything with as good of grades as possible. If you have a planner or a calendar, grab a pen and start writing! Make sure you spend a little time every night leading up to a test for studying, and slowly build up a paper or project that is due, because cramming every detail in at the last minute will surely fail, causing you to either have a poor grade or pull an all-nighter to get everything finished.

This is especially important during finals week, since you want your main focus to be on studying for the exams that are sure to be at least 15% of your grade. I have a quiz and a paper due the week before finals, two due the week of, plus six final exams. There’s no way that I’m going to leave my papers unfinished until the night before, and I have a set schedule planned out for writing them. And although having so many tests in the course of five days is ridiculously stressful, I know the best way to be properly prepared for all of them is to begin studying early. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Break is very late this year, so we only have one week of classes before finals to prepare for exams.

Luckily, Thanksgiving Break gives us plenty of time to complete all of the papers and projects we have been procrastinating on—after stuffing ourselves at dinner and burning calories fighting for Black Friday deals that is! Usually the first thing on every college student’s mind for Thanksgiving Break is freedom from school work and a nice, home-cooked meal, but it’s important to make time for these responsibilities that are sure to otherwise overwhelm you.

I hope everyone has a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and as stress-free finals week as possible!



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