Picking the Right Classes for You!

Choosing classes can be really stressful and difficult, especially for your first time picking them alone. Luckily that’s what your advisor is there for: guiding you to the classes that are best for you to take for your major. Every high school has it’s own ways of choosing classes for it’s students, and at mine our counselors did it for us. This is also how it goes for your first semester as an incoming freshman at Benedictine, but for your second semester you get to actually go through the process of signing up yourself. The school’s websites has a great instructional video about how to register for yourself here: http://www.ben.edu/campus_resources/registrar/course-schedule.cfm and a list of major sheets for you to see what schedule you should be following to complete all of your classes for your major here: http://www.ben.edu/academic_programs/major-sheets.cfm.

Choosing classes is different for each person, but there is a big difference in the way that commuters choose classes from how residents make their choice.  I’ve noticed that commuters like to schedule their classes as close together as possible so that they don’t have long waiting periods and they don’t have to drive back and forth for than necessary. A downside of this is that if they do this, they miss out on studying before class for a quiz and an exam, and sometimes on group study sessions because they aren’t available. However, a benefit of this is that they can go home sooner and study as soon as they get there.

For residents, I’ve noticed that we like to have study breaks between classes, a lunch break every day, and classes that our friends are in if possible. Residents aren’t as restricted in their time limits, so it’s not uncommon for an early morning class or late-night class to have more resident students than commuters. A lot of student athletes are residents, and therefore they have to plan their schedules around their practice and game times, which can be difficult if they are at a common time of the day.

Luckily, advisors help arrange everything with you in the beginning, and you will never completely be on your own in the process here at Benedictine. And even though most people hate waking up early in the mornings and want their Fridays free, it’s not the end of the world if you have an 8am or class(es) on Friday. Chances are so will everyone else that you talk to, at least once in their college career!


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