Juggling Multiple Tests

Everyone hates that sinking  feeling when they realize they have multiple important tests in the same week, within a few days, or even on the same day. I am particularly aware of this feeling considering it is the week before Thanksgiving and all my teachers are trying to cram in their  last tests before finals week. You can either let yourself freak out about this or you can make a plan to make sure you are equally prepared for all your tests.  If you don’t know how to juggle having tests in close proximity to each other, college academics will be rough for you.

It’s never a good idea to only study right before the exam. You might think the information will be fresh in your mind, but in reality you will not have retained it as well as if you were to study beforehand. It’s better to designate times each day that you will study for each test you have that week.  It’s still important to give yourself a large break (at least a few hours) between each subject you study so you don’t cram yourself with information and mix-up the material. Just because one test is after another, doesn’t mean you have to wait until the first one is over to study for the second one. You will feel much more prepared for a test knowing you studied for multiple days instead of just one. When you try to do all your studying in one day, you end up feeling stressed to learn everything you need to and not absorbing the material as well.  Also, it helps to make sure all your other homework is done for the week early on so you can focus on studying for all your important tests.

If you feel like you’re drowning in all the information you need to know for your exams, take a deep breathe and walk away from your studies. Studying for a test while your stressed is not even helpful. Create a plan and stick to it! Also, remember to not study too much ;). But still study!


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