Benedictine University Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Something to give thanks for

One of the most talked about events on campus, Benedictine’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner always delivers.

Last night I was just one of the hundreds (1,100 to be exact) of people who feasted upon an absurd amount of delicious food. From sweet potatoes, some sort of apple salad thing, pretzel rolls, mashed potatoes, turkey, bread dressing, and apple cider I’m fairly certain I’ve had my carb and sugar allotment for the entire weekend but who cares! I can only imagine just how long it took the staff to prepare all of that amazing food, not to mention the staff working to keep everything stocked for the guests. Though there were minimal decorations put up in order  to accommodate for more seating, it truly was a dinner to be thankful for. Not only was it nice to have the Student Senate help out by clearing tables and taking peoples dirty dishes, it was also special to have faculty like Nick Grahovec the head Athletic trainer cutting the turkey and Susan from food services passing out pie. We are all a family here at Benedictine University, and what better way to celebrate family than a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner?

Family truly is the star of the dinner. It was so heart warming to see students with little siblings, mothers, fathers, grandparents, even cousins all out to share in the festivities. While the food is terrific, the true magic is the dinner’s ability to bring everyone together whether it’s alums coming back to where it all began or future students planning where to start, everyone comes together to celebrate being together. The Thanksgiving dinner on campus is something I always look forward to each year and it never disappoints! So thank you to all of the people who make it as special as it is!


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