Staying Fit & Eating Healthy

While many students stay on campus, a lot of them are finding out that is hard to eat healthy. More times than none, students will go for the junk food rather than the fruits and vegetables. SELF DISCIPLINE! College students need to have the self-discipline and motivation to eat healthy while grocery shopping and especially eating here on campus. It’s a lot easier to say I want an order of cheese fries than saying I want a side salad.  Students will gain more than the freshman 15 if junk food is the main food group.

Staying fit is not just about eating healthy; it is also about working out and getting to the gym. Do not be that couch potato that lays in bed all day eating junk food. Be that kid that goes to the gym to work out! When students go to the gym they usually save abs for last, but do them first! Making your ab workout first gives you the best results. When you do that ab workout first, make sure that it lasts about 25-30 min each time and do it every other day :).  After the ab workout, go do some cardio! You can do the elliptical or treadmill.  30 min on the elliptical is equivalent to 45 min to an hour on the treadmill. It burns more calories and works all of your muscles to stay toned. Once you are done with that, hit the weights or have a cool down walk!

After your work out, make sure you are not eating any fried foods or a bunch of carbohydrates. Grab a salad at Coal Ben and a protein shake with some fat burner in it to keep yourself from not ruining the workout you just had.


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