Boosting your grade confidence

When its your first or second year in college it is very easy to get overwhelmed with a full schedule of class and maybe even a job or a school activity on top of it. Many students have issues with figuring out ways to balance it all out, but there are multiple ways you can do it. But one large thing not to do is don’t get sucked in by the mind set that I failed a test there is no way I can pass. Many students think once you fail or receive a low grade you’re stuck there is no way you can pass but there is a few things you can do-
1- meet with the teacher, most teachers have office hours that are there to help students better grasp the items they are struggling with or just to help give advice on how to do better.
2- learn from the last test, see what you did wrong and what you did well with.
3-meet with a student in the class or a tutor
4-make more time to study- prepare for the test ahead of time so you aren’t cramming it all in at once.
These are just a few tips you can do, to better improve your mental state after not doing well on an exam, but you also have to remind yourself if you do bad in the course overall and it is below a C you can re-due the class for a better grade or if its before the cut off date you can withdrawal. Which is a W on your transcript showing that you did not complete the course and did not receive a grade for it, which allows you to re try the course next semester or anytime before you graduate. Many students withdrawal from at least one class during there college career it is not a big deal, it is an option for yourself so you can receive the grade you want. So remind yourself your career is not over and you do not have to switch your major just because you did bad in a class you still have a chance to succeed just have to stay in a positive mind set.


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