Tis the season to get sick

We all know when the season changes and fall comes, many people get sick. When you live in community in a dorm and you are always with friends and a lot of people, the chances of getting sick are greater. Getting sick at school, your professors do not care if you miss class, and your mom is not there to take care of you. So here are some precautions to take while living in a dorm so you can avoid getting sick:

  1. Get enough sleep and rest (avoid all nighters).
  2. Eat vegetables and fruits.
  3. Wash your hands constantly.
  4. Use Lysol to disinfect your room; desk surfaces, door knobs, light switches.
  5. Take daily vitamins.
  6. Wash your bed sheets every other week.
  7. Get your shots (they are available at school.)
  8. Clean your room weakly with your roommate.
  9. Stay away from people who are sick.
  10. If you feel ill or any little bit sick, make sure to see our nurse.

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