Living on campus

Transitioning from living at home to living at school, whether it be from high school or transferring from community college is a definite challenge. Going from mom’s home-cooked meals everyday to the same variety of foods in the Krasa cafeteria took some getting used to. To further this point all students living on campus must know how to use meals in an efficient manner.

For residents there are 2 meal plans available: the Red Plan Block which consists of 160 meals to be used in the Krasa Dining Common or Coal Ben during meal times as well as $150 in munch money, which can be used at the previous 2 as well as the Coffee Shop in Kindlon Hall. The other meal plan, the White Plan Block, is similar to the Red Plan Block, but consists of 140 meals and $200 in Munch Money. By the end of each semester students often run out of meals and munch money because they spend it recklessly. That is why it is important to manage your meals and Munch Money and don’t overspend when not needed.

Not only that, but doing my own laundry every other week definitely became a hassle. When I lived at home my mom did most of my laundry so I did not have to worry much about that in high school. However, at Benedictine, there are only 4 washers and dryers in Ondrak, Jaeger, and Neuzil halls (the freshman men, freshman women, and sophomore co-ed dorms respectively) so I suggest all residents to set aside about 2 hours to do laundry. The reason for this is because there are times when some students become unhappy with the 4 washers and dryers situation and take their frustrations out on the other resident’s laundry (sometimes while still being washed or dried). At times my freshman year I would find my laundry on the ground, soaking wet, with all of the dryers still running.

Another big thing that I had to get used when living at college was waking up for important things such as class and work. In high school I would occasionally sleep in past my alarm, but thankfully my brother would wake me up and tell me how we are going to be late for school. Unless you and your roommate have identical schedules (mine never have) there is not going to be somebody to wake you if you sleep past your alarm. All in all, it may be a challenge to adapt to living on campus, but it just takes some getting used to and will eventually become routine.


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