Apartment living at BenU

Move in day on campus is one of the longest days of the year. Trying to empty your car that is filled to the brim with items such as bath towels as well as countless amounts of ramen noodles is never a fun time. Although it may be a hassle and very time consuming you will eventually thank yourself for it during the year. There have been many times when I left something at home because I thought I would not need it and usually end up regretting it. I personally live on campus in Founder’s Woods Apartments, which come standard with many necessary items such as a bed, desk, dresser, stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. With all of these items provided by the school I still wonder how I end up with so many things when I arrive for move in day. Anyways, my point is that all of these things will come in handy for the school year especially because apartment living is much different than dorm living.

1. Kitchen/Laundry Items
Because I live in the apartments I only have 25 meals to use at the Krasa Dining Hall as well as Coal Ben. Consequently, I usually end up cooking for myself. I suggest that all residents in Founder’s Woods bring a few pots and pans to cook on the stove or in the oven that is provided. Another necessity is dishwashing soap as well as rags or sponges to clean the dishes that do not fit in the dishwasher. If you are going to be eating food then it is obvious that you also need utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives, to eat the food with and plates to eat the food on. Cups are also a necessity to wash down all the food that you make.

2. Living Room Items
The apartments come standard with a couch, arm chair, entertainment center, and a coffee table. This obviously means that you must bring your own TV and cable chord to watch your favorite shows. I also recommend residents to bring another couch to fill the space and to have more seating in the apartment. Some other random items that I brought are pillows for the couches, blankets, and posters to cover the walls.

3. Bedroom/Bath Room Items
Thankfully the apartment does come with a bed, desk, dresser, and plenty of shelf space in the closet for clothes. However, if you do want a TV in your bedroom then you must supply one yourself. Not only that, but if you want internet in your bedroom to do your homework then you must supply your own ethernet cable to access the network because WIFI is not provided in the apartments. Another item that I find useful in my bedroom is my own mini-fridge. There are some items that I buy just for myself that I want to store in a cool area so I keep them in their so my roommates don’t think they’re for everyone. As for the bathroom the obvious essentials such as tooth brush and shower towel are a given. However, two essential items that I thought would be supplied, but were not, were a shower rod and shower curtain.

4. Laundry Items
One of the best things about the Founder’s Woods Apartments it that they come standard with a wash machine and dryer. Living in the other dorms was such a hassle having to wait for others to do their laundry, but thankfully, their is only 4 people to a washer and dryer rather than over a hundred people to 4 washers and dryers. Like the other dorms, a wash and dry cycle is free, but you still have to supply your own detergent and fabric softener.


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