Who to Listen to When Planning Classes

Registration is one of the craziest times in a college student’s semester.  Not only do you have to make sure you are meeting the requirements to graduate, you also have to make sure you are taking the correct classes for your major, fitting these classes into your schedule, and taking the best teachers. This is why you need as much advice as you can get. Here are the people you should definitely be getting advice from during this hectic time:

1) Your adviser! Once you get an adviser who is specified to your major, it’s extremely important you meet with them before enrolling in classes. You might have an idea of what to sign up for, but they ultimately know all the requirements you must meet in order to get the degree and job you want. They also inform you about opportunities for scholarships and internships that will further you in your career choice. If you have 2 advisers, make sure you meet with BOTH.

2) Older students in your major! Your adviser will fill you with a ton of information on what you need to do. This could overwhelm you at first and you might need a friend or a fellow student who has been in your shoes to help you sort through that information. They see things through your perspective and are able to give you an honest opinion on the difficulty of classes and the quality of teachers. Your fellow students also feel your pain when it comes to the expenses of college and they understand that you sometimes don’t have the money to take the multitude of classes your adviser wants you to take.

3) Yourself! It’s important to get advise from different people, but you always should remember that YOU need to make the final decision. The pieces of advice you get are good recommendations, but you need to figure out if it goes along with what you want to do. You know how much work you can take on and the times that work best for you. Don’t ever take a class just because your friend wants someone to suffer through it with.  It might be beneficial for you to take an extra course because it will get you a better job, but make sure you are staying true to what you want to learn and the path you want to follow.  You are the main person deciding your future, so you should be the main person deciding your classes.

Registration can most definitely be overwhelming, but I hope this information can help you find a schedule that works for you :).


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