Thanksgiving Break/Upcoming Finals!

Everyone is anticipating the few weeks that are coming up when we have those amazing four days off for Thanksgiving break!  We all need a couple days to sleep in and catch up on T.V. shows like I do! but there are so many residents who are just excited to see their families after a long  time.  Students know that since Thanksgiving break is coming up this means that finals week is following right behind it. This month is ideal for you to start working hard in order to increase your grade right before the final. People should not start slacking off because they know that in a few weeks, students will be on a four day break. Although Thanksgiving break will be for four days, people should start studying for finals. It’s important to study for your finals those four days that you are off. You will be able to get a lot done within those four days even though most of the time you will be with your family. I know people don’t want to study when they are on break but let’s be real, studying two days right before a final can honestly ruin your grade, that’s never a good option when studying for an exam.You have to use your time wisely otherwise, your break is going to pass by and then you’ll be busy the whole week trying to cram in all the classes you need to study for. If you thing about it, after thanksgiving break we will have the final. Once your done with your final you have break for a whole month to catch up on your sleep and T.V. shows! so set aside a few hours each day to cover some material before your final. This can definitely increase your grade in class and it is a great stress management skill.

Overall, enjoy spending time with your family and going Black Friday shopping! Don’t forget that you have finals week right after.


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