Pinterest!!! Your Best Friend & Worst Enemy

I wanted to take some time to talk about my personal favorite of the social media websites.  Pinterest essentially allows you to create a collage/scrapbook of all your favorite things in the world.  You can spend hours scrolling through pictures that lead to links of other websites.  The pinning possibilities are endless; You can pin recipes, wedding ideas, clothes, workouts, quotes, decorating ideas, fluffy animals, and anything else you can think of.

I’ve made you pretty excited to pin now, right? Well before you log on, you should know about a few consequences.  For me, it’s pretty much the biggest distraction in the world. It’s impossible to get bored with it. You can just keep scrolling and scrolling until your eyes bleed.  The addictive nature of Pinterest can definitely keep you from doing other productive things, such as that thing called homework. Pinterest can also give you false expectations. For example, I found a supposedly “delicious” recipe for rasberry lemonade cupcakes. They turned out to be bricks that I could have thrown at somebody and possibly hurt them. As for the workouts, contrary to what the pins say, they will most likely not give you a Victoria Secret model body. It’s easy to think your life can be perfect while pinning.

Despite all this, Pinterest can still be an amazing tool.  Pinterest is a great way to try and eat healthier. They have tons of healthy food recipes that are simple as well.  I also love it for the decorating ideas. About half of the decorations in my dorm room are things inspired by pinterest. This goes for crafting too. If you’re bored on a Sunday, just search crafts on pinterest and you’re set.  Also, if you’re a girly- girl like me, just go to the make-up and hair section. I’ve learned how to do at least 5 types of braids through pinterest.  My personal favorite category on Pinterest is the Quote category.  If you click on it, you’ll find a ton of inspirtational/funny quotes that can relate to anything you’re going through in life.  I go on the Quotes page of Pinterest almost every morning just to put myself in a good mood and remind myself of the person i want to be before I start my day.

So all in all, I do highly reccomend getting a Pinterest. Yet, Be aware of the high level of distraction you are about to encounter and must fight through in order to get things done.

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