American Horror Story-Coven

This fall FX aired the 3rd installment of the American Horror Story series titles, Coven. This season, filmed in historic Louisiana for a creepy and more horror feeling. The start studded cast including Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibie just to name a few. The plot of this season involves a small romance between witch, Zoe and frat boy Kyle. The main theme present throughout the season is oppression, by more than one group. The relationship between mothers and daughter as well as family all are present during the season.

The show is filmed in present day Louisiana with the season opener revealing the horror of what Madam Delphine LaLaurie houses in her attack. Cages upon cages of slaves with sewn mouths, horse heads and chains are displayed as her “house pets”.  The battle between witches and the voodoo magic rages in the episodes to come causing rifts between the two. The supreme, Fiona, comes to protect the school of young witches from the war that has been started. With a slave owner buried under the house, the witch house under attack and a bus of frat boys being flipped by one of the girls, there’s no surprise that the witches come together for the safety of them all. Each witch has a unique power with the supreme having the ability and strength of all the witches. Throughout the episodes more death occurs and the rivalry between witch magic and voodoo magic collide. At this point there is no turning back as the school comes under attack by the queen of voodoo, Marie Laveau. The dead slaves that Madam Delphine LaLaurie kept in her attic are now back and seeking revenge on the woman who tortured them for so long.

American Horror Story is on its 3rd season and its 5th episode of this season. With so much rivalry and magic between the witches and voodoo magic there is bound to be more death, more mystery and even more betrayal. The show airs Wednesday nights at 9 on FX, channel 48 here on campus. Having not watched the first 2 seasons, I still find myself faithfully tuning in to FX Wednesday nights for the greatly written show. If you haven’t already watched an episode of American Horror Story I highly advise you to give it a shot. It won’t disappoint!!


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