Eating in Naperville

If you’re ever off campus and you don’t know where to eat, or you would simply like to go somewhere else to eat-than I am here to give you some insight as to what restaurants you can find downtown. My personal favorite is Flat Top Grill, which is similar to Bd’s Mongolian Grill in that you can create your own stir fry. After you order your drinks, you are given a bowl that you take up to the stir-fry bar where you can put anything and everything you want to into your bowl. Most likely, you’ll get either rice or noodles (they also have rice noodles). Than you’ll pile on veggies- broccoli,sprouts, mushrooms, peppers, snap peas, etc. The next step is picking out your sauce-peanut sauce, teriyaki sauce, tropical sauce, and so many more. Lastly, you’ll add your protein source into a smaller bowl. You can choose from white fish, chicken, beef, and more as well as some vegetarian friendly options made with tofu. All you have left to do after this is to place your stick with your name on it (given to you at the same time as your bowl) next to your bowl on the table in front of the grill and chefs. This is also the time where you can add in extras that you would like to, such as flat bread. Bd’s Mongolian Grill is also downtown Naperville and is almost identical to Flat Top except for there are more options to choose from and the overall atmosphere is different-but both are great places if you like stir-fry!

There is also a Noodles and Company. As you can imagine, the name tells you almost everything you need to know. Apart from pasta though, you can also get salads and it’s a good amount of food for a very decent price. If you are looking for something different however, Five Guys (which seems to be one of the men’s xc team favorites) is your classic burgers and fries place. According to some people though, the burgers are better than most restaurants. I’m not a burger fan and don’t eat them because I’m gluten free, but due to the fact that I’ve heard this from a good amount of people, I’d say it’s safe to take their word for it and give it a chance if you love burgers.

If you’d rather just stop somewhere and get a treat, it is quite an easy task. There’s two different frozen yogurt places that I know of-Red Mango and Forever Yogurt. At both places you pick what flavor yogurt you’d like (at Red Mango I know they have dairy free options) and than you add your toppings. You pick the exact amount of everything you want and than the price is determined by how much your bowl weighs when you are finished making your delicious frozen yogurt creation. Near Forever Yogurt is also a place called Kernel’s Gourmet Popcorn. I’ve never been there, but my mouth always waters when I walk past it because it smells amazing.

My favorite places to go at this time of the year are anywhere that serves warm, chocolaty/coffee drinks. So of course, Starbucks (also right next to Forever Yogurt) is one of these places. P.S.-If you are a Starbucks fan and love Chai Tea Lattes, I highly recommend you try the fall special Chocolate Chai Tea! It is like having a hot chocolate with spice and is perfect for fall!  Le Chocolat is another great place to get phenomenal hot chocolate. The menu has such a variety of different hot chocolates to choose from (I didn’t even know so many existed) as well as chocolate desserts.

Well, as you can see from my long blog, I really appreciate food!  I hope with in my list and descriptions of places in Naperville, you see something that suits your fancy and are able to give some of these places a try!


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