Professors and Classroom Sizes

One of the best parts about the classes at Benedictine are the classrooms sizes and the professors. Here at Benedictine we have outstanding professors that go out of their way to help their students. Professors really do care about their students and will go that extra mile to help students who go to them for help. Classrooms sizes are another plus, because classes are small so nine out of ten times your professor will know your name and face.

The main reason why I chose Benedictine was because of the classroom sizes. I did not want to go to a huge university and be just another number in a classroom full of hundreds of other students. Classrooms here have a student-to-faculty ratio of 18 to 1. So there are usually about eighteen students in each classroom with one professor. I have never been in a class with more than 35 students. This is what I love most, because I get to know my classmates and my professor knows me. I would never want to be in a huge lecture hall with maybe 200 or 300 hundred students and only one professor, that sounds horrible! This makes learning so much easier when your professor knows who you are, and you feel comfortable going to their office for additional help.

In all of my classes that I have had here at Benedictine, each one of my professors knew my name. On the first day of classes every professor hands out a syllabus and they all exaggerate about office hours. Professors want students to go see them for additional help. So before a huge test or exam make sure to see your professor if you have any questions because they will take the time and explain it to you one on one until you understand the concept. You can even go to your professor’s office if you need help or questions on a lecture or notes.  Professors honestly love when students come to see them. Going to see your professor also looks better because they know you care and actually want a good grade. Every professor is your best resource because they know best about the topic you need help with.

Your professor is not your enemy and they’re not out to get you, they want to help you succeed!


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