Getting Involved Is More Than Just Fun

Ask anyone. Getting involved on campus is a way to make college even more enjoyable. Most would say that is the number one reason to get involved-because it’s fun. It’s only fun because of the people you meet and experiences you share. The friends you make can be college long or even life long. The people you meet can also help you with school and the tough yet interesting courses offered at Benedictine. You can either get tutored by friends, or help them out and tutor them! Through others, they might even help you find a tutoring job, making you more involved on campus. Not only does everyone like making money, the people you meet (students, professors, staff, faculty, etc.) might even help you find a job on campus. I met a really good friend of mine at BenU through intramural volleyball my freshman year. We became great friends and we help each other with homework, and she even informed me about a really fun job opportunity on campus- Student Ambassadors. Look where I am now-a  Student Ambassador! These things really happen if you get involved.

Additionally, some clubs we have on campus you can learn things from and not only get interesting facts but valuable information. Because of nutrition club, I learned a lot about how to be fit and healthy. Speaking of staying in shape, getting involved in intramurals is something others as well as myself benefit from. It can be a great workout, and a little healthy competitiveness is always fun. Just one more reason why you should get involved on campus is that you get to write it or your resume when looking for a big kid job. 🙂


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