BenU Lingo

All campuses have many nicknames for things on campus. Whether it be buildings, useful lingo, or landmarks every school is different in this respect. Since Benedictine was founded in 1887 there has been plenty of time for the school to create some of its own lingo. To be more specific some of this lingo is as follows…

Munch Money- Munch money is the money on your student ID that allows you to purchase food from the Krasa Dining Hall, Coal Ben, and Kindlon Cafe during non-meal times. All students are given $25 in munch money per semester to spend in any of the aforementioned establishments. However, residents in Ondrak, Jaeger, or Neuzil Halls are given the options of either $140 in munch money and 160 meals or $160 in munch money and 140 meals.

Missed Meals- Following up with the meals theme it is crucial to know what and when missed meals are. Missed meals are basically meal times that are at the Coal Ben after normal meal times in the Krasa Dining Hall. If for some reason you cannot make it to lunch or dinner at Krasa you can use your meals at the Coal Ben. However, you must make sure you use your meals during the specified missed meal times otherwise you will use your much money instead.

Jaeger Hall- The freshman girls dorm on campus is pronounced “Jay-gur”, but many students like to joke around and associate the dorm with the alcoholic beverage Jaegermeister. This may be funny to joke around with, but Jaeger is mostly a freshman dorm and all alcoholic beverages are prohibited there.

The Sloop- Lake St. Benedict is located behind Ondrak Hall and the parking garage. This slew is commonly known as “the sloop” on campus. The reason for this is because it is a slew accompanied by a beautiful half-mile walking path around it. Combine the two words and you get sloop.

7/11- There is a small coffee shop inside Kindlon Hall called the Cafe. Many students call the Cafe 7/11 because it has almost everything you need. From breakfast foods, to energy drinks, to snacks Benedictine’s own 7/11 has it all.

Krasa Dungeon- The lower level of the Krasa Center is a quiet place for students to do their schoolwork. It is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can go down there at 3am on a Monday and be the only one there. After going down there multiple times I realized how eerie it truly is. It gets to be creepy at times because the room is relatively dark with no outside light so it really reinforces the name of the Krasa Dungeon. Although it may be kind of creepy at times I do enjoy the dungeon because it is always so quiet and I get a lot of work done.

The Eagles Nest- The Rice Center at Benedictine University is home to many of BenU athletics sporting events such as Basketball and Volleyball. During these home games and matches BU students often pack the student section in the stands known as the Eagles Nest. This section of the stands is often very loud, passionate, and not afraid to show Benedictine school spirit.


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