A school, a family, a community-Benedictine!

Here at Benedictine we are more than just a school, we are all part of a family. Every student, faculty and administrator here pride themselves on providing the best education and college experience to the students that attend BenU. From the time your application is reviewed by admission counselors you automatically feel at home with the personable counselors and constant contact with you throughout the admission process. Staff are more than willing to help you through your application if you were to have any questions. Upon admissions to Benedictine you are welcomed with open arms regardless of your race, religion or financial situation. The smaller things make the biggest difference. Supportive staff and the welcoming atmosphere here all are exuded through the admission counselors, coaching staff and administration.

Not only are you a part of the family here at Benedictine, you are also a part of the supportive community city of Lisle. The Lisle community graciously open all of Benedictine students and alum to their businesses and community events. Lisle has a great small town feel with access to the big city life of Naperville and downtown Chicago. The community and campus both have an “at home” feel and offer students the one-on-one experience with professors and having that availability  to great resources and internships.

Whether you are living on campus or commuting from home, you are still part of this tight knit community and have the opportunity to excel with anything you do. The help and support you receive from faculty and administration here at Benedictine allows you to reach your full potential in a field that you are interested in.  No matter what your religious background may be, ethnicity or family life is, the staff at Benedictine are helpful and always willing to help you get the most out of your college search or experience. You will never feel out of place or that you do not belong here, we are all a family here and have many support systems throughout campus that are always there to give you that extra push not only with your academics, but also in life.


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