Tis the Season, how to make that $$$ on campus

The holidays are right around the corner people and let’s face it, even homemade gifts  can get pricey when after buying all those supplies! And yes with the seasons comes seasonal positions at all the local department stores, but not everyone has a car, in fact I just bought my first car this summer! Even if you have a car, seeing half your pay check go to the gas it takes you to get to that job every week… not fun.

But there is a solution: On Campus Jobs!! I’ve put together a list of just a few possibilities of jobs available right here on campus!

  • Mail room Attendant
  • Fitness Center desk worker
  • Information Technology student worker
  • Food Services
  • Maintenance student worker
  • Student Success Center Tutor
  • Student Success Center Assistant
  • Career Development Student Worker
  • ResLife Student Worker
  • Student Activities Student Worker
  • Student Ambassador
  • Telecounseler (Admissions)
  • Lab tech for Undergraduate Labs
  • Grader (for classes like Physics, Biostats etc)
  • Personnel Resources
  • Rice Center Worker (for athletic events)
  • Athletic Complex Student Worker
  • Library Attendant

There are so many other possibilities for employment on campus as well that you can find on the BenU website under Current Students, Student Employment. Though it’s usually better to search at the beginning of the semester when more jobs are available, it’s never a bad time to think about adding some extra money to your wallet!  Working on campus is so much easier than dealing with the traffic, gas money, and trying to schedule time around classes. Despite my busy schedule, I am able to work as a RA and a Student Ambassador on campus due to the freedom my employers allow with scheduling hours! Switch to an on campus job this holiday season so you can get shopping!


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