Staying sick free during flu season.

The temperature is dropping and everyone is walking around with the sniffles- its well into fall and the scarves, winter jackets are in full force…along with the dozens of people getting a cold and the flu. But you do not have to be one of the many that are hit with a severe cold during these colder months.

  • Washing your hands is a must! With so many germs out in the world and you constantly touching surfaces it is important that you keep your hands washed. This not only helps protect you, but also others that you come into contact with. If you are not able to wash your hands then using a hand sanitizer is ideal for on the go solutions.
  • Knowing where to cough and sneeze: When coughing you should cough into your arm and not your hand or the open air. This helps eliminates the possibility of you passing along germs to others when you shake their hand or hug them.
  • Vitamins?: It may be a good idea for you to take a vitamin or some other form of supplement that will help boost your immune system. If you are not sure what to take or not willing to take vitamins, try drinking milk and orange juice daily to boost your ability to fight infections.
  • Staying warm: Going outside when it is raining and cold out without a coat on is not the best idea when flu season comes along. Making sure that your body is warm and shielded from the harsh elements of the fall and winter will help you stay health and lower your chances of becoming sick.
  • Avoid the sick!!: If you know that one of your friends is sick, it would be in your best interest that you do not spend large amounts of time around them while they are sick. That goes the same for people who are sick, you should keep contact to a minimum. If it is absolutely necessary that you come in contact with people while sick having hand sanitizer around would be a great idea.

It is impossible to prevent yourself from getting sick, but taking these small steps is a way of better protecting yourself this flu season. You never know when you could become sick and having these tools will help lower your chances of getting sick, and when you are sick, at protecting the others around you.


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