Movie Ratings: Bad Grandpa!!!

This fall the very anticipated  movie “Bad Grandpa” was released. The movie, staring Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman and his 8 year old grandson, Billy documented their journey across the U.S to bring Billy to his father. The two  experience a number of situations that no 8 year old should be introduced to, or even an 86 year old grandfather. I had the pleasure of going to see the movie in the first two weeks of its opening.

The movie lived up to the very high anticipation of any other of the Jackass franchise movies. It was filled with laugh, vulgar comedy and more than enough unbelievable situations. Billy, the grandson is abandoned by his mother and it is us up to Irving (Johnny Knoxville) to get him to his father, which he is not so thrilled about. The two stole food from a grocery store, ordered drive through drunk and Irving danced at a strip club. They definitely had their fair share of adventures. On top of their crazy adventures, they stored a dead body in the trunk the whole time. There’s no doubt that the Jackass team hit the nail on the head with “Bad Grandpa”.  It will surely leave you wanting to see the movie over and over again. I would highly recommend going to see Bad Grandpa. Definitely one of the better films of 2013!



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