Garba Night

Hey there everyone, well I would like to make an announcement, on Nov 23, 2013 here at Benedictine University, The Hindu Student Association (HSA) Club would like to invite all of you to come to our Garba Night. This incredible event is full of loud music and lots of dancing. You are more than welcome to bring along your friends as well. The week of Garba Night, we will be having workshop days where those who don’t know how to Garba, there will be some of the board members from HSA who will teach you the dances. We will also have, I believe, another samosa sale as well. The night before Garba Night, we will have a movie night, where the movie that we all have voted on will be watched. More information on that will be given next week and the week of the Garba Night. You may think that in order to come to Garba Night you have to be Indian, well that is not true, any one can come to this event. And if your wandering what you have to wear to Garba Night, well you can ask some of your Indian friends is they could let you borrow some of their Indian outfits. (Below is a picture of what people normally wear to Garba Night and other pictures of everyone celebrating this festival) There will be more information on what is happening during the week of Garba Night, but this is just some information we have so far of what is going on.

The history behind Garba Night is that garba is a form of dance that comes from a state in Indian called Gujarat. The tradition of this celebration is that it is performed around a lit lamp or a picture or a statue of Goddess Shakti. It is performed during the nine-day Hindu festival called  Navaratri. ( An image of this is below) 


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