Choosing next semesters classes

As fall break nears there are a lot of students who are wondering what classes they will be taking next semester. If you have a clear decision on what you want to major in than it would be an easy choice as to what classes you should take. Following the classes that are specific to your major  is great at laying out the road map to your college career. Some majors are more science intensive, while others are more reading and writing specific, it just depends on what field you are going into and your strengths and weaknesses. Talking to your academic adviser and current professors will help you decide what is in your best interest when picking classes.

Though you may be a science major, you may still be required to take core electives that are taking by every student regardless of their major. A lot of the classes build on themselves so knowing that, if you have taken Bio 197, Bio 210 may come easier to you because of having already taken the class prior. Depending on how you did in your first semesters classes will help you get a feel of what is to come if you continue down your intended majors class list.

A good tip to go by when choosing next semesters classes is to think of what you are good at and what could use work. If you are determined to follow your intended majors checklist that is is, Benedictine offers free tutoring to students if you ever need assistance with a class. Signing up for a 300 level class when you did poorly in the 100 and 200 level classes would not benefit you as a student, instead try taking other classes, or the lower level class over again.


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