Why I chose Benedictine.

One of the most important hence stressful decisions in life is-where do I want to go for college. There are so many factors to consider when making this decision. We know we all envy the people who have everything figured out, but there is nothing wrong with trying to weigh your options.

On of the main reasons I chose Benedictine University is its excellent Science program. After doing my research I realize that Benedictine was the only school that had a Health Science major not just focused on Biology or physical therapy or public health but for any medical field. The next reason was because it is closer to home. Living only 15 minutes away from campus, I enjoyed having the benefit of going back home in between my classes and take a nap.

Last but not the least, the financial aspect. Benedictine University being a private school, the tuition is higher than any state college. However, there are many advantages of being in a private college like a smaller campus, smaller classes, familiar faces and extra help from teachers. At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to afford it but I ended up getting scholarships that helped me manage my cost of attendance. Although these were the main points for me, it is different for different people but is definitely relatable.


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