Signing up for classes

It is almost that time to sign up for next semester classes! Signing up for classes can be a pain or a hassle if you are in-between deciding what major you want or if you have no clue what you want to do. Here are some tips if you are changing your major before next semester and signing up for classes.

  • Go to MyBenU and go to enrollment to find out your registration date and time
  • Set up an appointment with your current advisor
  • They will fill out the change your major sheet for you
  • They will also recommend a new advisor for you
  • Sign up for an appointment with your new advisor
  • Meet with your new advisor
  • Talk over classes that you want to take
  • Sing up for classes!

If you are changing your major before the next semester give your self at least two weeks before your registration date to meet with your old and new advisor, because advisors are very busy so do not wait until last minute. Also, don’t worry about classes because you can sign up for classes over winter break also, you just have to sign up right away to get the classes you want. Good luck!


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