Preparing for a busy week!

The stress of college can begin to take its toll on a student. Add the stress of test, quizzes and long hours of studying and any college student can start to feel as though they are overwhelmed with work.  The week ahead consist of an exam, project due, presentation and a hours of studying on your part. You know that you will probably be spending the majority of your time this weekend in your room or the library getting your work done. Having a plan of what you will get accomplished in the week ahead is a great way to jump start your week without being too stressed.

Make a List: 

Knowing what you have to do in the next week is a good way to start planning and get organized. It is better to write out a list and know what is due than to just wing it and finds out that you forgot to do an assignment. It will make your week a lot easier if you know what it is that needs to be done. How can you be successful when you do not know what is due in your classes? It makes sense to make a list of your upcoming assignments.

Time Management:

If you know that you have a large project due next week it would be a good idea to have already had a start on it before the week before.  Saving any project until the week before is never a good idea, but leaving a 10 page paper and presentation to do until Sunday night will only leave you up all night and probably produce poor quality of work. As well as making a list, managing the amount of time you take on each assignment can dictate your weekend schedule.

Relax, and just Breathe:

I know it can become very stressful and overwhelming when so much is do the same week. As a student you have to be able to manage your time, especially for a student athlete. You cannot let your work consume you. Yes you may spend the weekend in your room or the library, but all that hard work will definitely pay off in the long run. You WILL need time to yourself when studying for long periods of time.  Just take an hour or so to just relax and take a breather. Go get a snack, watch a movie. Your body needs time to recover from prolonged studying. try taking a short nap and always try to stay hydrated while studying.

Every student experiences the stress of a busy week, whether it be with midterms or just a week full of labs, test and presentations. Don’t worry though, you won’t let your class schedule get the best of you. You have the tools that will help you be a successful student during the most hectic of times. Remember, it is better to write everything down than to forget to write something down. Having a list of your upcoming assignment will better prepare you when it comes time to check them off the list. Setting a time aside that you will dedicate to homework is a great way to stay organized and get your work done efficiently. Don’t wait until Sunday night when a 10 page paper is due Monday morning…it’ll do more harm than good at that point.  And lastly, relax. This won’t be your first and it definitely won’t be your last crazy week. Just know you have the will to push through it and when you’re all done you can enjoy your weekend.


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