It’s your style, flaunt it!

Coming into college, students may think that they have to dress or act a certain way. That is defiantly WRONG!  As a student you can dress anyway that your little heart desires.  Walking around campus you will see the many styles and trends that the students are wearing.

If you think that you have to dress a certain way while at school, think again. You don’t…and shouldn’t change your unique style for anyone. Your style should reflect who you are and you want people to perceive you. No one can tell you how to dress, or what your personal style is; so experiment with different things. Knowing what you like and what works with your body can help you pick out clothing that will not only look good on you, but make you feel better about yourself. You never know who notices you while walking around campus. Being confident in what you wear can inspire someone else to go out and try something new. You’re in college now, you can express yourself in so many different ways and the way you dress is a way that can grab the attention of so many. If you know that wearing a dress helps show off your legs then try adding more dresses to your wardrobe. If you are shorter and find that shorts that cut right above the knee help take away from your height then try looks with more shorts.

With fall in full swing there are a lot of looks that you can see the students wearing around campus. Scarves are just one of the fashion accessories that you see many students wearing. There are so many different ways that you can wear them. Students drape them around their necks, off the shoulder and tied in knots. Colored pants and tribal patterns are also big among students. Trying to incorporate these items into your everyday wardrobe may be a good way to find things that you like and see what works for you.

Whatever your style is, you can find things that will compliment your unique look. Being at college you will see a lot of different looks and styles that the students have. Bringing your personal style with you to school is a good way to express yourself and may even get others to notice you. Your style says a lot about you, so bring it and flaunt it!

Stay classy, never trashy! -Jalen


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