10 Reasons to Love Mondays!

So everyones least favorite day of the week is obviously Monday. But have you ever thought about the good things Mondays bring? Here are just a few.

1) Monday night football!

2) Along with Monday night football, you get to see how you stand in your fantasy football league from the past weekend.

3) You get to see everyone you didn’t see over the weekend! Yes, commuters, we miss you when you’re not here over the weekend!

4) Story telling! Finally you can share all the fun times you had over the weekend with your friends and laugh until you cry.

5) It’s a new week. If your week was bad last week, it’s a fresh start. Make this week awesome. Who doesn’t love new beginnings?

6) Mon means “my” in French. So this means Monday is MyDay! Make Monday whatever YOU want it to be.

7) Planning next weekend can be started Monday! Now you have something to look forward to and motivate yourself to get through the week.

8) A chance at getting everything back in order is just what everyone needs. Let’s face it, over the weekend things definitely get a little out of order.

9) If you’re a girl with a love for Instagram, it’s time for Man Crush Monday! Whether it’s your significant other or your favorite Blackhawks player (Toews is always a good choice!), share it with the world!

10) Three words. Four. More. Days. Your weekend countdown can officially begin now. You’re welcome.



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