Keeping your dorm organized

When living in a dorm you have to get used to not having your own room, have to get used to sharing it with maybe one person or even up to three. This maybe difficult if your a clean freak and your roommate is a slob or vis versa but you find ways to make it work because when it comes down to it you have to clean no matter if you want to or not. When i moved into my dorm in Neuzil I thought living with two others would be crazy but I was wrong. Me and my other roommates made a plan on how we will keep our room clean and somewhat organized. We decided that we will clean are room twice a week and trade off taking the garbage out, but another large issue was the bathroom, who would clean the bathroom? We decided to work it out where everyone has a week to clean it and make sure it isn’t disgusting. Some may not think cleaning your room is a large issue but it is, communication is key and telling your roommates what bothers you is another issue that will solve a lot of small arguments along the way. Some things i would recommend for your dorm room to help stay organized is decide where you are going to keep your personal items, divide up the closet evenly, make a schedule, don’t mix items around with one another, and be honest! if something bothers you tell your roommates don’t hold it back or gossip behind there back. Overall living on campus is a wonderful thing but it also helps you grow up and learn to live with others!


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