Becoming a Tutor: Benefits and How To’s

If you are really passionate about and thoroughly enjoy one of your classes here at Benedictine, you should seriously consider becoming a tutor for the school.  It’s a great way to earn money as well as help out fellow students.

Their are tons of benefits to becoming a tutor.  First off, it’s a great first job to have on campus because the hours aren’t demanding and the schedule is very flexible.  You can easily fit it into a busy schedule.  Yet, it is still a job you must take seriously and be very familiar with the content. Also, tutoring a subject you have already mastered previously is a great way to remind yourself of things you might have forgotten when you left the class.  It’s also one of the most satisfying jobs there is on campus. Seeing a fellow student who is struggling finally start to succeed because of your guidance is an extremely rewarding feeling. Also, in between the times you are not helping a student, you can be productive and work on your own homework. Just make sure you always look welcoming to anyone who needs help.

I recently just became hired as a tutor and the process was very doable. The first step is creating a resume. If you haven’t done this before then you should start by going to the Career Development Center and learn how to build a resume. They’ll give you a packet on everything you should include. After this you can make an appointment with a career counselor to review your resume. Once the final draft of your resume is complete, you can submit it to the coordinator of the subject you want to tutor. You also need a letter of recommendation from a professor in that subject. Contact them and ask nicely to have them shoot an e-mail to the tutoring coordinator stating how you are capable.  Once all of this is in, you will get called into an interview. The interview is relatively short and should not be very difficult if you truly know your stuff and want the job.  Make sure you are ready to explain why you want to become a tutor and how you would teach certain important things about the subject. After all of this, hopefully you get hired! 🙂

Having a campus job is a great opportunity and tutoring will provide you with great communication skills for the future.  It never hurts to try!


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