Picking Classes for the New Semester!

A month before the current semester ends is usually when students begin to think of what they’re going to take for second semester. However, there is a lot to consider before you begin to create your perfect schedule! Some of these things include:

  • Are you going to drop any classes? Every school has a drop date towards the end of the semester. If you feel that you cannot improve your grade in a class you’re already struggling in, then it would be best to drop that class so that your GPA (grade point average) will not be negatively affected and you can have more time to focus on other classes. Do not feel bad or upset if you have to drop a class. EVERY college student will drop a class or two throughout their college years. If you do choose to drop, then make sure your next year’s schedule you either plan to retake that class so that you can have all your credits for your year in school or replace that class with something that will give you those necessary credits. Keep in mind that some classes require prerequisites in order to take that class.
  • What does your advisor say? Usually before you set your schedule permanently, you will have an appointment with your specific advisor for your major. Your advisor has been through college and already has a career that may be similar to what you plan on going into. They will help you to pick the perfect schedule for what you can handle and what will prepare you for your future career, or what grad schools you plan to attend. Be sure to take in account their advice.
  • Are your preferred times available? A lot of the times, classes fill up quickly and all of the good times are taken. This is where some students will have to compromise with a time that they may not really like. However, if there’s an option to take another equivalent class at your preferred times (general education classes are usually your best bet!), then take that class.
  • Is your preferred professor teaching that class? Sometimes whichever teacher is teaching that class can really influence whether that class is worth taking or not. Make sure you’re set up with a class that has a teacher where you can learn to your fullest potential!

All of these factors can influence which classes you should pick for the next semester. These classes can influence whether someone will graduate on time or if they will have the necessary amount of credits and classes before they graduate. Take this seriously, but, also, have fun and get excited for the new semester! Plan classes with friends so that studying can be easier and the experience will be more fun! Happy class choosing! 🙂


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