Food on campus- how to stay healthy

Living on campus there are multiple ways to get food but some are not always the healthiest. My freshman year i loved having Coal Ben and Krasa, enjoying all the food they have available for you to buy with your meal plan. But after a few months I started to realize it was hitting me. Something I recommend to freshman is even though those french fries and cookies look good daily try and limit yourself. One tip Ihave is limit yourself to one non healthy food a day. Like when you go to Krasa decide if you want your bad or high calorie food at lunch or dinner and the meal you do not choose substitute it for a salad or a fruit. This will help the amount of calories you eat and lower your chance of gaining weight . Another thing I found myself getting in the habit of was drinking soda with every meal, at home I did not have that option so when I came here I loved it and abused it way to much. Now I try to have a glass of water or juice with every meal which helps my body because pop is not a healthy liquid as everyone knows. The last issue I faced was going to my dorm and snacking throughout the night because I wasn’t used to eating dinner so early so I found myself eating a cookie or a bag of chips later on while I was doing homework. So throughout the year I realized again a bag of Cheetos is not my friend if I don’t work out on a regular so now I provide snacks that are more healthy like carrots, apple sauce, pretzels, fruit cups things like that which limit my intake of junk food. Of course after doing all these things you can exercise on top of this but for students who don’t have the time to hit the gym everyday these are just a few things you can do to help yourself stay healthy throughout your time in college.


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