Dressing for fall

Many people when they wake up in the morning they look out the window to see what it looks like or ask a friend or if your in college and commute they ask their roommate what it is like outside. None of these ideas are bad but you have to remember everyone reacts to different weather. To some it may be cold, or warm or just right. I recommend downloading a weather app to your smart phone or computer or if your up in time watch the weather. Some may think this isn’t reliable but i use my iPhone weather app everyday and I find it to be right on with the weather in Lisle area.

Not only is checking the weather important but dressing for the weather is to! For girls there are so many ways to dress cute for the cold some ideas are:
Scarves- great accessory but also brings warmth
sweaters- thick and comfortable
thick leggings- trade your thinner summer leggings for some thick ones (can get them at charming charles for cheap)
ear warmers- many stores sell cute ear warms that are like decorated head bands that can keep you warm
pants- No more shorts girls time for pants!
Boots- No more flip flops or open shoes its time for thick socks and boots!
and of course your jacket there are many options with all of these, but if your looking for affordable and trendy some great stores are:
Forever 21
Charming Charles
Old Navy
Also thrift stories are a great and affordable option also!
You cant forget the guys, many guys think it is cool to wear shorts and T-shirts when its 40 degrees out, but I’m sorry it is not. Boys layer up if your going to the gym, practice or class there are a few options to stay warm-
Sweatshirts- if you want to dress lazy before class throw a sweatshirt on over your T-shirt
sweatpants- warm and easy to throw on
Socks- if your wearing flip flops throw some socks on to keep your feet warm
layers- wear layer it will keep you warm and easy to take off if the class temperatures change in different buildings.
hats- Easy way to sport your favorite sports team with a beanie or warm hat to cover your ears.
wind-breakers or jacket- Easy and reliable
some stories you can find these items at are:
Online stores! or again thrift shops
These are just a few stores that you can look into and see if you find anything you like
Overall these are just a few things you can do to stay warm when the cold weather hits so you are prepared to fight the Chicago winds!


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