Trick or Treating for Cans

One of the goals of S.A.A.C., a student athlete club, is to collect the most cans for a food drive out of our conference. This year, in order to hopefully beat the amount collected last year, S.A.A.C. members will be trick or treating for cans. I am not a member of S.A.A.C. at the moment, but I hope to become a member soon so I joined them for Halloween while they trick or treated for cans. Even thought it was raining, I still had so much fun doing it! It just made me so happy to see how many people were willing to donate-only two people didn’t donate and it was due to the fact that they didn’t have any can goods on hand! My friend in S.A.A.C. and I got around two neighborhoods and had a total of around 6 full-to-the-top brown,paper grocery bags of cans (this is not even including the amount from the others in the club). It was funny to see kids turn around when they saw a house hand us hand goods, thinking they’d be getting cans instead of candy. Unfortunately we had to turn back early because we needed to get back for a program, but if we could have doubled our time it’s amazing to think we would have (most likely) had double the amount of cans as well. People were just so eager to donate and very generous in the fact they often brought out well over 1 can good to donate. Often times we also got candy out of the deal because they would insist we take some, so that was a bonus.  A lot of people thanked us for what we were doing as well. It was just really awesome to feel like you’re part of such a great cause and to see that others recognized and appreciated this cause!


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