Do’s and Don’ts of Living on Campus

Living on campus takes a lot of getting used to because it is usually everyone’s first time being on their own and being away from home. Make smart choices, be responsible, and have fun!


  • Fill out the roommate survery.
  • Talk with your roommate before moving on campus.
  • Be outgoing.
  • Make new friends.
  • Manage your time.
  • Keep up with assignments and grades.
  • Hang out in the lounges to get to know people who live on your floor.
  • Introduce yourself to your R.A. so you know who he/she is.
  • Join clubs!
  • Go to basement Krasa or library for quiet time for homework or to study.
  • Go to your professor’s office hours for help.
  • Go to basement Krasa for tutoring from students’.
  • Go to free events sponsored by school; movie nights, mini-golf, laser tag.
  • Participate in homecoming week events.
  • Go to home game sporting events.
  • Have school spirit!


  • Room with a high school friend.
  • Be shy.
  • Eat late every night.
  • Procrastinate on homework/papers/projects.
  • Be scared to ask questions or for help.
  • Speak up if something your roommate does bothers you.
  • Forget that school should be your #1 priority.
  • Study the night before a huge exam or test.

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