Haunted House

The 3rd Annual BenU Programming Board Haunted House was this past Wednesday and let me tell you, it get’s better every year.

As a Programming Board member I was able to be in the haunted house and know behind the scenes just how much hard work they put into it. Weeks of planning, days of set up, hours of working it, and then hours of tearing down; it all adds up. This year the team went  a little further and hired a professional makeup artist, something they haven’t done in the past.  The addition of slit necks, burnt flesh, and rotting faces really added a large production feel to the small scale budget.  Reusing materials  and donated masks really helps Programming Board to be able to make the haunted house stay free while still improving each year.

The “theme” of the haunted house this year was classic scary movies. PB put their own spin on some Hollywood favorites such as Children of the Corn, The Ring, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The ResLife staff donated their time to the effort and allowed for even more creepers to be roaming the house.  To improve on some of the suggestions from last year, we reordered the line and added refreshments including candy, Halloween decorated cupcakes, cookies, and a root-beer keg for the students.  Trivia questions pertaining to everything scary were asked while people waited in line to help make time go by faster. This year we were able to get people through the line much more quickly and on to the screaming!

All in all it was an extremely frightening and fun night! I hope everyone had a blast and am sad to have to leave Benedictine this Spring and all of the great events it’s always hosting!


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