Student Blogging:On-campus jobs!

A lot of students here on campus have on campus jobs.  That means that you are employed through Benedictine and get paid for your services. There are many opportunities for students here on campus as far as jobs. For every building and every department there are jobs that students can apply for. As a student blogger I am housed in Lownik Hall and work for the admissions department. There are student jobs available in athletics, business, Sodexo, the library, dinning rooms and as a student tutor. Each department has their own set of duties that the student worker is responsible for.  If you are interesting in getting an on-campus job you should know that wherever you work, they will be very accommodating to your school schedule. The university is very good at working with you so you can balance school and work efficiently. One of the things I like most about being a student ambassador is that for the most part, you choose the hours you want to work. You sign up for blogging hours and you sign up for campus tours that you are able to give. Brittney Marshall, my boss, is very good at working with the students schedule. She is in charge of  enrollment events here on campus as well as head of all student ambassadors. For the most part, there is always going to be a job available for a student in every department.

Working as a student ambassador and doing student blogging I am responsible for blogging about different topics that incoming freshman would have questions about. I also give campus tours to groups and families on visits. I answer any questions they may have pertaining to the university while on the tour. For the many different events that the school hosts there are student workers that are able to work them.

No matter where you get a job at on campus you can be sure that they will be more than willing to work around your schedule so that you can still have a social life and get hours. If you are fortunate enough like myself, where I choose the hours I want to blog, you can pick times that work best with your academic schedule. The campus jobs are all there, you just have to go out and ask around. Chances are there will be a position open for you!



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