5:30 am on a Friday and the alarm goes off. It sounds at this time every morning so it’s nothing new. I slowly get my uniform on and lace up my running shoes. It’s off to the Rice center! 

Nothing says dedication like a 3 mile time trial on the track when it’s 36 degrees outside wearing nothing but a tank top, spandex shorts, gloves and a head band. A week before conference, this is our race effort for the week. Under the stadium lights, the track is littered with runners, one word flashes in your head and keeps you moving: TEAM.

We have practice every day at 6 am no matter the weather. Actually a lot of teams practice at 6 am here at Benedictine. Women’s Lacrosse was even on the turf practicing this morning while we were doing our time trial.

Now you might be thinking, “6 am? No thanks” but I actually prefer it. Not everyone would be willing to make such sacrifices, but this way you know that every one there with you at the crack of dawn lifting those weights, or stepping to that line, running that sprint, or working on their shot, is just as dedicated and determined as you. TEAM at Benedictine means going the extra mile, putting in that work at 6 am when you know all of the other teams in the conference are taking it easy in their nice warm beds. When you’re surrounded by people who all want the same things you do, who all have the same goals, whether it’s winning the conference championship, or simply getting out there and doing the best that they can because they just love doing it, you know that they are there for the TEAM.

But it’s not just about athletics.

I’m a part of several teams here on campus. There’s the Programming Board team, that works super hard to put on free events for students, sacrificing their nights and weekends planning to make sure that the Haunted House is better every year. Or getting there early at the dance to set up and staying late to tear down. Then there’s the Student Ambassador team that all works together sacrificing their free time just to share their knowledge and their experiences all with the hope that maybe some of the people they touch will be able to make memories here at Benedictine just like they did. Or how about the ResLife team that works so hard to help keep this campus safe, or build community in order to make this place truly feel like a home away from home, all while sacrificing their nights and weekends. And that’s just to name a few!

There are so many different teams on campus to become a part of. All of which work together towards a common goal.

I’m so happy to be a part of TEAM Benedictine! Go Eagles! 


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