Is the Freshman Fifteen Real?

Everyone has heard of and fears the freshman fifteen! Yes it can be true, but it doesn’t have to happen to you! It is hard adjusting to being on your own and being able to pick your own food choices. When you have the option of eating fries, pizza, and ice cream whenever you want its hard to have self-control. It’s not the best idea to eat fries and pizza everyday, maybe only a few times a week. Try eating a salad, fruit, subs, and vegetables, because those are much healthier options. Krasa has a salad, sub, and fruit station which are the best choices for a lighter and healthier meal!

Another dilemma while being at school is being able to eat late or whenever you want to. Be careful not to eat too late! If you eat too late because you are stressed or because you friends or roommates are, it will become a habit! It also becomes costly to get a pizza or food late at night. So try to eat a full dinner so you will be filled until breakfast.

One of the greatest donations to Benedictine University was our newly renovated gym. $6.7 million renovation of our Dan and Ada Rice Center was completed in 2011. Our gym is amazing! We have a multiple treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and other workout equipment. We have a basketball court, a dance room, and a weight room. Any student can go with an ID and workout for as long as they wish to. Also, every Tuesday to Thursday there are a variety of workout classes that take place in the dance room. The classes consists of Zumba, Butts and Gutts, Intense Abs, Candlelight Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, and more! All of the instructors are so nice but they give you a workout so you’re sore the next day!

Another way to get active is intramural sports. There are plenty of different sports such as softball, volleyball, sand volleyball, and more. For an intramural sport anyone can get ten people or more and make up their own team and play once a week against other teams. It is competitive but also very fun! Working out doesnt always have to be torture it can be fun with you friends!

The freshman fifteen is very easy to gain, but you don’t have to gain it. Just make sure to eat healthy meals,  get active in the gym, and just have fun while you’re doing it!


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