Saving Money

As a college student, almost everyone wants to save money. Paying for school is a giant expense for most people, therefore I find it very important to save money where I can. Here is a list of little ways I’ve found that come in handy for saving money. Even though it might just be a little here and there, it can add up to make a bigger difference than you may realize.

  • Use coupons! There are tons of coupons available-on the back of receipts, online, and sometimes in your emails.
  • Walk or ride your bike-if you need to run an errand, we are not that far from stores-Walgreen’s, Butera, etc.
  • Order your books online or rent them from the school’s bookstore- you can save a ton of money by ordering or renting them from websites such as Amazon, Chegg, and to name a few
  • Take advantage of the free printing-a good amount of people still bring their own personal printers, which is useful for when its late and it’s the closest printer you have. However, I highly recommend using the schools printers as much a possible since ink and paper can be quite expensive.
  • Car pool-gas is expensive, so take turns driving places!
  • Take your student ID to restaurants-a lot of places will give you a discount if you show them your ID. One in particular is Flat Top downtown Naperville.
  • See movies on student free movie day once a month in the Ogden theater
  • Borrow books from friends- a lot of upper classmates will still be holding onto the books and will be more than willing to let you borrow them for your class- so ask around before you buy them-make sure they are the correct version though!
  • Buy items in bulk- I like to stock up on snacks, so I buy in bulk so I can get a lot of food that lasts for a long time for cheaper
  • Sign up for rewards cards if available- since Walgreen’s is close, I’ve have gone quite a lot and ended up getting their rewards cards so I could save some money. There are also a lot of other places that offer rewards cards, so I advise you to take the time and sign up.

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