No shave, No game!

No shave November is pretty well known among most people, with college students being no exception.  Many students on campus participate in the month long pledge of not shaving—including many girls. Throughout the month you will see various ways students display their non-shaving beards, mustaches and sideburns. For the Benedictine Cross Country team I know it is tradition that the guys on the team no shave their facial hair until conference. This logic is used by many other teams, not just ones here on campus.

With so many guys growing out their staches , girlfriends find themselves kissing…or not kissing, their hairy boyfriends. Some girls like the hair, and some find it not so attractive.  Whatever you decided to do, grow it out or cut it off, no-shave November has become a national month of letting it all hang out in terms of ones facial hair. Here on campus guys of all kind add no-shave November to their to-do list and once a year campus is filled with many men sorting the no-shave look. Even if you don’t decide to participate in no-shave November you can still get a laugh out of all the different beards and staches that you will see around campus!


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