Tips for picking the right major

When being a freshmen in college it’s often hard to figure out what major you want to stick to. Many of my friends have been switching out of their major because they aren’t completely sure what they want to commit to.  However, even if you do declare your major when being a freshmen you always have the option of changing it later on. There are a few tips that can help you narrow your options down when it comes to majors.

  • When picking a major, pick a major that you know you will enjoy. On the Benedictine University website there are major sheets that list all the classes you would be taking for your specific major. This allows you to get a glimpse of all the classes you would be taking until you graduate. You can also see if any of those classes are interesting to you.
  • Do Research! Before you declare your major make sure you research about the major you are thinking about. Some majors have a board spectrum of what you could be. For example, if you were a health science major you could be anything in the healthcare field. You can be anything from a nurse to a physicians assistant or a physical therapist.
  • Consult your advisor. Your advisor is there to gear you into the right direction when you have any questions.
  • Check the job outlook for the career you want to pursue. After you graduate from college you don’t want to be at a dead end with your major.
  • Consider the requirements for your major and  career. Think about how much schooling you would need. Think about if you are willing to spend that many years in order to pursue your career.
  • Talk to your parents. They will help you weigh your options and give you a deeper insight about your considerations.

Don’t rush yourself when it comes to picking a major. Make the right choice!


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